Sea Cave Adventures Boat Tour

Visit Cathedral Cove and the islands in the Marine Reserve, then explore the spectacular volcanic coastline with its huge sea caves & blowholes… like Orua Cave, one of New Zealand’s largest.

Experience the great scenery on this spectacular cruise.


As we leave the Whitianga wharf, discover how the Town was founded around the timber industry, the relevance of Ferry Landing and some modern day info.

Shakespeare Cliffs

As we cruise along the cliff’s base learn about its makeup, it’s naming and view some of NZ’s flora and fauna in the ancient rockery.

Cooks Bay, Beach and Blowhole

Learn a little about the history of Capt. James Cook arrival in NZ. Sit tight as we take the purpose built boat inside Cooks blowhole.

Te Whanganui A Hei Marine Reserve

Established in 1992, the area gives you an opportunity to view some of the marine life that the reserve holds. Snorkel with the snapper in Gemstone Bay or the smaller fish at the Twin Markers.

Cathedral Cove

One of NZ’s most iconic sites. We will get you as close as possible to the archway, give you a fantastic look at Te Hoho, and slowly travel through The Mares Leg.

Champagne Bay

Once through Wilmore’s passage we enter this majestic bay with its massive volcanic rock formations. We will take you up close and personal to the cliffs, caves and inlets allowing you to take those “once in a lifetime” photos.

Orua Sea Cave

As we enter NZ’s 2nd largest sea cave marvel at its sheer size, its sparkling 15 metre deep waters and its marine life.


Sit back and enjoy the ride as we enter the cave that takes us into this unbelievable tomo/hole towering 80metres above us.

Poikeke Island

Look over the side and see the crystal clear waters and watch as we navigate through the Mercury Bays own “Hole in the Rock”

Snorkel the Marine Reserve

Experience the great scenery on this spectacular cruise. Snorkel equipment supplied.